We believe in investing in our community, our youth will make a better world.

With the basic principles of faith, our goal is to empower and educate our clients, neighbors, family, friends, teachers, and co-workers. We promote wellness for the mind, body and the spirit!!! Y.E.L.L. is a team that provides  information to work with clients to coordinate and develop in-services, workshops and seminars in which they may receive information regarding way to handle stressful situations, stress management, nutritional support, materials on a wide range of health-related topics relative to a healthy lifestyle for all ages.  Be prepared for the wonderful changes your body will show, others will notice and you will be healthier and more active! 

Our team includes the community as we learn and make changes in an organic way.

LaTonya Neely, Co- Founder of Wellness Choice LLC, Director and Green Living Expert 

Youth Empowered To Live Loud

Eat To Live

Teaching the youth to grow healthy food and maintain what they eat, learn the benefits of the cause.

Move The Body

Youth need to exercise daily to stay healthy and fit.  Let's prevent obesity and disease.

Social Skills are Important

Learn to treat others with respect will take you far. Learn the importance of greeting, personal space and eye contact.

Stay Focus Be A Success

Peers can help each other develop a study plan that works to be successful in school. Encourage healthy communication and respecting boundaries.

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